Everywhere you go, people are always preoccupied with technology. All types of businesses
need an online strategy to thrive today. But, unfortunately, most small business owners
don’t have one.

When looking for restaurant recommendation, comparing prices, or keeping up with the
latest fashion trends, where do you go? Definitely online! That has become a habit around
the world. We don’t call up the store or the company, instead we browse the internet, and if
your company or business can’t be found, chances are we will find another alternatives that
have online / digital presence. This is the only approach that your business needs to adopt in
order to stay relevant. Now the question is, are you there yet?

Here are some other major reasons on why you need digital marketing:

1. Reach the Right Customers

It is crucial for companies to be visible during digital searches so they can engage the
customers and influence their purchasing decisions by providing valuable information.
A study from Blue Nile Research shows that between 79% – 82% of consumers use search,
brand websites and customer reviews for research. Between 14% – 25% use social, mobile
and blogs to discover new solutions, products, and brands. These digital marketing tactics
work together to help your brand deliver information to consumers who are looking for
products or services like yours. By not engaging in such digital marketing strategies, you will
miss out on an opportunity to reach the right customers for your business.

2. Affordable & Cost Effective

For small businesses with limited resources and capital, digital marketing is the perfect
solution as it is more cost-effective compared to traditional marketing. Newborn media
could provide you with a cheaper yet more effective advertising channel.
Not only can digital marketing strategies be more affordable, but they also offer an
attractive ROI for business owners. Do you know that content marketing costs 3 times less
than traditional marketing? Moreover, marketers who consistently publish relevant and
valuable blog content are 13 times more likely to gain a positive ROI. Content marketing is
just one of many elements in digital marketing. Other tactics also serve the same purpose,
which is to help you get more for your money.

3. Easy to Track and Monitor

Every campaign you set up online, whether it’s social media, AdWords or retargeted
marketing is completely set up for analysis, so you can always adjust your campaign later on
and spend on what’s working instead of wasting on what’s not.
With this information, companies are able to measure their return on investment more
accurately, while at the same time identifying areas of improvement and plan to create
more successful campaigns based on the findings.

4. Gain Exposure through Quality Content

Great content is the key to create a viral effect. You can do this by posting great or unique
images, funny videos, memes or writing compelling blog posts. This is a big opportunity for
brands to engage their target audience. This is how you become different from your
The more content you produce, the more exposure you will get. And for small businesses,
creating content is an extremely affordable way of doing marketing.

5. Stay Competitive

Are you able to stay relaxed knowing you’re jogging in place while your competitors are
sprinting way ahead of you? If you want to survive in your industry, it is vital that you keep
up with your competitors. Well, you can tell that many of them are already using digital
marketing strategies to reach new leads, engage with customers, and influence purchasing


E-Marketers 2016 predictions forecast shows an increase in digital ad spending to reach $23
billion by the year 2020. Obviously, digital marketing is here to stay, so If you really don’t
integrate digital marketing into your company’s overall marketing strategy, then get ready to
be left behind.

Are you ready to grow your business with digital marketing? The team of digital marketing
experts at DIGITALISTR would love to help you discover the power of these online marketing
tactics. Contact us today for a digital marketing consultation and to see how you can get